The largest Italian Manufacturer of X-Ray equipment
for Medical and Dental applications

Villa is a 56 year old Italian Company, participating in all areas of equipment design, OEM manufacturing, research & development for both medical and dental imaging systems.
Since it was founded in 1958 by Alfio Villa, the Villa empire was built upon the idea of an OEM manufacturer dedicated to 1) best diagnostic image quality, 2) efficiency and ease of use, 3) reliability and commitment to the product. In the United States private market, Villa has gained success through AFP Imageworks private labeling as well as design and manufacturing contributions for different names such as Dent-X and Owandy, and became very well known globally through medical device manufacturing particularly for the Phillips Medical Group.
All together, more than 7,000 medical R/F tables, 34,000 dental panoramic systems, and 75,000 intra-oral x-ray units have been manufactured and placed in the largest hospitals and most advanced dental offices sourced from the Italian manufacturing headquarters located in Milan.

Villa continued to achieve success though strategic product distribution of its own imaging systems through more than 150 dealers in over 90 countries worldwide. Though already considered a veteran and major competitor in the medical and dental imaging industry, even before it became a part of DEL Medical Group in the early 2000s, and then again an independent entity by 2012, Villa Sistemi Medicali of Italy sought to keep the momentum going. In order to do this, the company would achieve a physical presence where it historically had gained behind-the-curtain success under private label ventures. In 2012, Villa decided it would take a step out from the shadows to establish its Villa branded hub in the United States. There it would distribute and service Villa manufactured systems to the Canadian, North and Central American markets under the “Villa” moniker.

In 2012, to demonstrate its dedication to growth in the exciting field of imaging, Villa set foot in the United States as Villa Radiology Systems. Villa Radiology opened its doors in May 2012 under direction of Walter F. Schneider, former President of Del Medical Systems Group and Villa Sistemi Medicali S.p.A. Villa Radiology Systems in Oxford, CT became the first U.S. Subsidiary to Villa Sistemi Medicali for dental imaging. Villa Radiology would market, sell and service new Villa branded Dental Imaging systems that stood forefront to competitors of their industry. Additionally, Villa Radiology gladly took the challenge of providing support for the thousands of already existing privately labeled panoramic systems in the US and Canada that were no longer supported by their original distributors.

What we promise

We, Villa Radiology Systems, support from Oxford, Connecticut our customer support, spare parts and service department as well as our showroom, testing facility, and corporate office. Full product line inventory is stocked in the same location often with ability to ship same day. The 7,000 square foot facility is not leased but owned – “bricks & mortar”. Our dedicated service department provides training to our dealers for seamless integration of Villa dental imaging systems into the end users office environment. Thereafter we provide our dealers support, representing an ongoing commitment only possible by the investment in the Villa brand and ideals. We stand behind our products and are here to stay.